Woman Slams Mayor de Blasio After A Body Was Left At Home For Hours After Dying From Coronavirus

A Harlem food truck driver shared her frustration with the world when her daughter’s father passed away from the coronavirus, and his body was left in his home by first responders.

“This is our city, and we’re being treated like s–t!,” Tami Treadwell cried.

Treadwell claims the family was told that it would take at least 12 hours for someone to retrieve the body of her daughter’s father, Gregory Anthony Treadwell.

In the video obtained by the NY Post, shows Treadwell continuing to share her frustration with Mayor de Blasio and how the bodies are being handled after dying from the virus.

“It’s grossly inhumane. I say shame on you, Mayor de Blasio … you got to designate somebody to come get these bodies out of here, people who died at home. How dare you make us have to deal with that and to live with the body for days? How dare you, Mayor de Blasio? And you can’t blame that s–t on Trump. You can’t blame that s–t on Cuomo!”

Gregory Treadwell, 62, was described as a hard-working tractor-trailer driver.

Tami says that Gregory had a cold for five days and came home with a fever. After going to the doctor, they were told not to go to the hospital. Instead, they should go home.

The NYPD responded to a call on gunshots. When police arrived, they found Gregory unresponsive, no gunshot wounds. EMS workers were called to the scene and performed CPR.

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  1. Did anyone listen to the video. She said the body was there for DAYS not hours.

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