Woman Sues City of Los Angeles After Getting Hit by Car Because Homeless Encampments Were Blocking the Sidewalk

An L.A. woman was hit by a car after being forced to walk in the street because homeless encampment tents were blocking the sidewalk. Now she’s suing the city.

Debra Todd, 64, filed a lawsuit earlier this week against Los Angeles after getting struck by a car during a trip to Hollywood. While walking, the Valley Village woman was forced to walk in the street because a homeless encampment was blocking the sidewalk.

KTLA reports Todd sustained injuries to her arm, hip, back, leg, and head after getting hit on Gower Street at the 101 Freeway overpass. The incident happened on Oct. 4, 2020, as Todd was crossing Gower to give some of the homeless food and water.

“Because of the encampment, you couldn’t walk on the sidewalk. You had to walk on the street,” she said. “There was no light or stop sign anywhere at Gower where I got hit.”

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