Woman Who Assaulted Uber Driver Sued Over 2019 Car Crash

The woman who made headlines last week for coughing on and assaulting her Uber driver is now facing criminal charges over a 2019 car crash. 

According to legal documents, a woman is claiming, Arna Kimiai “made an unsafe turn and struck her vehicle in L.A,” TMZ reported. Kimiai is officially accused of negligent driving and “failing to keep a proper lookout for other vehicles.”

The victim is claiming she suffered severe injuries, some she’s still recovering from. In the lawsuit, she seeks to be compensated for damages, medical expenses, and loss of earnings. 

This may have been the first, but it sure was not the last time Kimiai misbehaved in/behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

Last summer, Kimiai recorded herself driving a McLaren sports car at 122 mph. 

In addition to the lawsuit, Kimiai is likely to face criminal charges for her assault on her Uber driver. According to TMZ, she is expected to turn herself in. 

She has since been banned from both Uber and Lyft. 

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