Woman's Face Slashed For Asking Patron For Proof Of COVID Vaccination, Seattle Police Say

Woman’s Face Slashed For Asking Patron For Proof Of COVID Vaccination, Seattle Police Say

A Seattle bartender was reportedly slashed across the face after asking a patron for proof of COVID-19 vaccination, which is required in Kings County.

The attack happened Monday night after the man became combative with the staff for being required to produce proof of immunization. Felicite Ogilvy, an employee of Joe’s Bar and Grill, asked the man to leave.

“I asked him, ‘do you have your vaccination card?’ and he said ‘I’ve had the vaccine, but I don’t have the card’ and I was like OK, but you need to have proof of it,” Ogilvy told KOMO News.

The customer felt Ogilvy was “picking” on him, and that’s when the altercation turned violent. The man swung at her with a long stick with a sharp piece of metal attached to the end. The bartender ended up with 31 stitches to close the wound.

As for the suspect, he fled the restaurant and boarded a light-rail train. Police boarded the same train several stops down the line, but they believe the suspect got off at a previous train station. They were unable to locate him, and he is still at large.

In October, Kings County implemented a proof of COVID-19 vaccination requirement for patrons of gyms, restaurants, bars, and events with 500 or more attendees. Businesses should ask everyone 12 years and older for proof or face fines. 

“There have been a few cases here and there of restaurants and stores having issues enforcing the mandate,” said Det. Patrick Michaud. “Thankfully, these incidents are still fairly rare.”

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