Women Who Stole “MAGA” Hat from Trump Supporter Plead Guilty to Hate Crimes

The two women who went viral for stealing a “Make America Great Again” hat from a Donald Trump supporter during the Democratic National Convention have pleaded guilty to hate crimes.

On August 20, as President Joe Biden gave his acceptance speech, Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy destroyed Trump signs and snatched a red MAGA hat outside the convention in Wilmington, Delaware.

Unfortunately for them, their acts were caught on tape.

Both have pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including theft, child endangerment, and hate crimes, for their role in the incident outside a restaurant at the Wilmington Riverfront, the Delaware News Journal reported.

Winslow and Amy, both of Wilmington, will receive their sentencing next month. However, the New York Post reported that prosecutors aren’t asking for prison time and believe probation is the “appropriate sentence” for them.

They initially faced charges of attempted assault, assault, and conspiracy, but those have since been dropped after they accepted a plea deal on Monday.

Footage of the encounter has received more than 5 million views. Authorities were able to track down the two women after watching the clip.

“Are you destroying my property?” an unidentified woman is heard asking in the video as Winslow and Amy destroy her Trump signs. The two then turn their attention to a MAGA hat on the ground.

“Get it, Liv, get it,” Amy tells Winslow.

The woman’s son protests, saying, “That’s somebody else’s hat!” Both women walk away but not before another confrontation occurs, and a person who is believed to be a relative was punched when he tried to get the hat back.

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