World's First Luxury Space Hotel Set To Open in 2027

World’s First Luxury Space Hotel Set To Open in 2027

It’s official, the world’s first luxury space hotel is set to open by the end of this decade, giving travelers a new destination to add to their bucket list.

The company behind Voyager Station, Orbital Assembly Corporation, has confirmed plans to start construction on the hotel in low Earth orbit in 2025. The interstellar resort project could be operational as early as 2027 if everything goes according to schedule.

The cosmic hotel’s renderings are futuristic, with individual pods attached to a spinning Ferris wheel-like contraption. Guests onboard the space hotel will have access to a cinema, a wellness spa, gyms, themed bars, libraries, and concert halls, among other facilities. Since the hotel will be in low Earth orbit, it will have Earth-viewing lounges and restaurants, as well as rooms that can hold up to 400 guests. Crew quarters, water, air, and power systems, among other necessities, will occupy a portion of the space station.

The company intends to sell parts of the hotel to long-term stakeholders like government agencies interested in using the facilities as training centers or private landlords interested in creating vacation homes.

According to reports, the Voyager Station will circle the globe every 90 minutes, using the artificial gravity generated by the circle’s rotation. John Blincow, the founder of Gateway Foundation, told the Daily Mail, “This will be the next industrial revolution.” He goes on to say that the rotation element is “vital,” because people cannot survive in space without gravity.

Would you be interested in riding aboard a space hotel?

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