'Ye Claims Music Catalog Was Put Up Without His Knowledge

Kanye West Claims His Music Catalog Was Put Up For Sale Without His Knowledge

Kanye “Ye” West says his music catalog was put up for sale without him knowing, and it has reportedly been valued at $175 million.

“JUST LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT, MY PUBLISHING IS BEING PUT UP FOR MY SALE WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. NOT FOR SALE,” read an Instagram post made by West. In another story post, West uploaded a text conversation between him and an unidentified person. West seemingly asked the person to ask Gee Roberson, Ye’s former manager, who is selling his publishing.

The person responded: “From Gee, Fake news. Of course, every publisher wants to pitch [their] hardest to buy smh.”

A Monday report from Billboard said Ye’s catalog earns the rapper $5 million annually and roughly $13.25 million in royalties every year. While some sources say the rapper’s team had been meeting with people for nearly a year in an effort to sell the catalog. Others say the catalog was never actively being shopped, but West had been receiving offers. In the meantime, according to Billboard, efforts to test the market for the catalog, which currently lies with Sony Music Publishing, have “slowed in recent months.” However, further details remain unclear.

Kanye West IG stories
Kanye West IG stories

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