YesJulz Calls Joe Budden A Clown For Trying To Return Worn-KITH Sweatpants

Once again, YesJulz has found herself in the middle of a social media controversy over her offensive, culture vulture antics, and this time, it all started over her controversial rap verse. 

Over the weekend, the self-proclaimed ambassador and entrepreneur sat down with Murda Mook, ItsBizKit and Movie Matt for the “Easily Offended” podcast to clarify her lyrics and defend her 2016 post of a shirt that featured the “N-word.” Elsewhere in the interview, Julz also opened up about Rolling Loud, called out Joe Budden and more, all while dragging Karen Civil and Scottie Beam into the nonsense. 

“Shoutout to Joe Budden for lying on his podcast, saying that I bought my ass because I didn’t, and he knows that,” Julz said, after explaining that she was both, Puerto Rican and Italian. “Sorry we never got to go to dinner Joe. I was a little busy.”

“I’m pissed off,” Julz said, as she proceeded to explain the beef between her and Joe, which erupted after she appeared on his podcast, “The Joe Budden Podcast.” “After that, he would hit me up randomly to hang out or whatever and I was just like never able to hang out. Then one night, he calls me three times in a row – I’m in a movie with a dude I’m seeing – and Joe Budden pops up on my phone…..This was like a couple of years ago.” 

“So I pick up…He’s like, ‘Man, I’m at KITH right now and they playing me, you need to tell your homie they can’t be treating me like this.’” Julz recalled. “‘He’s like they won’t let me return these sweatpants.’”

As a result, Julz said she followed through with the favor for Joe and put in a word with her friend to let him return his $400 sweatpants. However, after she put in the request, she said the man called back with evidence that Joe had already worn the sweats, which ultimately put a rift in their relationship. “I kinda thought he was a clown,” she said as she explained how the situation linked to her use of the N-Word. 

Just days before she was scheduled to host Rolling Loud, Julz said she looked through her man’s phone and learned of his infidelities. Though she couldn’t tell the man that she’d violated his privacy, she said she posted the “Niggas Lie A lot” shirt to prove to him that she knew he was playing her. However, the tweet quickly backfired over her use of the world. 

“I was like in my feelings, hurt, upset, wanting to show my dude that I knew he was playing some shit, so I not thinking of anything, I tweeted the shirt,” Julz said. “Maybe 10 seconds after I tweeted that, my whole world fell down….I just knew like, ‘oh shit, I fucked up.” 

“When that happened, then people started creating this narrative of me being racist and a culture vulture,” she said, as she highlighted the fact that many already thought she was a culture vulture over her hosting the Rolling Loud festival. 

“Guess what! Because it’s from Miami, I’m a Miami girl, and I’ve been doing hip-hop shows in Miami for five years,” she said. “I put in the work, that’s why I’m hosting. People feel that I should not be in certain positions that I’m in in this community or culture,” she added, highlighting Scottie Beam and Karen Civil as two people that felt that way, which prompted the two to respond. 

“I’m not sure if you bumped your head before your interview,” Civil said. “But I never spoke on you doing Rolling Loud. I could careless what opportunities are given to you because your blessings are not my blessings! I’ve been nothing but cordial to you.” 

Meanwhile, Scottie Beam said, “I have to keep this simple because I have work to do. Everyone knows you slept your way into this industry. Secondly, where are you? I’m in Newark. I am also in Jersey City on Fridays. I’m in the city all the time. Send me your pin. Now. You and your black friend.”

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