Ying Yang Twin Gets Child Support Payments Lowered Significantly

While Miley Cyrus is out making a killing off of twerking, De’Angelo “D-Roc” Holmes of the Ying Yang Twins hasn’t seen a hit record since 2005. That’s a huge problem when you have to pay $2,500 a month in child support to your ex-wife. The “Whistle While You Twerk” rapper was at one time raking in $19,000 month but tells a judge that now he only brings in $2,860. The judge took D-Roc’s financial status into account and lowered his payments down to a mere $550 a month PLUS put him on a payment plan for the $45K that he owes in back child support. You see, D-Roc is a father of 5 and it’s hard out here for a guy who “skeet so much they called him Billy Ocean.”


Congratulations to D-Roc, though. It goes to show that you CAN have your support lowered if you just stopped being lazy and go to court. Lesson to all of you “Ballers” out there.

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