YNW Melly Confirmed To Remain In Prison Despite COVID-19 Diagnosis

YNW Melly Confirmed To Remain In Prison Despite COVID-19 Diagnosis

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Although YNW Melly and his team have been hoping for the rapper’s early release from prison due to his COVID-19 diagnosis, Melly’s request was officially denied by a judge on Tuesday.  Despite his health condition, Melly will reportedly remain in Florida’s Broward County Jail, according to new legal docs from TMZ.

The judge states that Melly can request assistance from the Broward Sheriff’s Office if he needs special medical treatment; Melly and his team previously said they would cover all medical expenses if the rapper was allowed to leave early. The rapper’s team also claims that Melly is in danger of dying as the jail has not provided proper care and protection. Meanwhile, the families of the alleged victims got what they wished for as they opposed Melly’s early release.

Melly has been in jail for over one year and is currently awaiting a double-murder trial for the murder of two friends. He was arrested and charged for the crime in early 2019.

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