YNW Melly To Be Released From Jail in May, According to His Mother
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YNW Melly Faces An Additional Six Charges Stemming From His Initial Double Murder Case

YNW Melly is now facing an additional six charges in relation to his witness tampering case.

Melly, his co-defendant YNW Bortlen, and the third individual, Terrence Mathis, face a fresh set of charges. These additional charges include criminal gang activities, misuse of a two-way communication device, and conspiracy to tampering. These new charges are an addition to the original witness tampering accusation Melly and Bortlen faced earlier this month.

Mathis is accused of aiding Melly in establishing contact with Bortlen, who was out on bond during the tampering incident. Their alleged collaboration adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing legal case involving Melly and his co-defendants. Additionally, the state’s alleges Bortlen and Mathis assisted Melly in persuading his ex-girlfriend and her mother not to testify in his initial double murder trial. An affidavit shed light on the extent of communication between Bortlen and Mathis. The legal document revealed approximately 60 phone calls that occurred between March and August 2023. These conversations were marked by various coded language aimed to conceal their true intentions. Additionally, Melly’s access to his phone was restricted for a significant portion of 2023 due to his incarceration on a 23/1 lockdown.

Nevertheless, Melly’s first double murder trial concluded in July with a mistrial, as the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict. His retrial is anticipated to commence soon, with the jury selection process starting this week.

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