You Know You Are A Male Groupie If.....

You Know You Are A Male Groupie If…..

The word groupie does not just apply to women. There are male groupies that act far more worst than females. Check out some of the traits below:

You are a male groupie if:

  • You try your hardest to disrespect them in public to get their attention
  • You go to the club WITHOUT the baller and say “I was with LeBron last week”
  • You will drive their car to gas up but stunt like it is yours
  • You follow them from city to city
  • You live in their house, have no job
  • You hate on the females extra hard…calling them groupies and acting like the baller is your lover
  • You offer girls drink from their bottle
  • You always refer to the celeb as “Lebron oh yeah he my man..we went to school together”
  • Your title in the male entourage is “personal assistant”
  • You will knock a female down to dap a baller up
  • You are seen in the background of the baller’s pictures. (You are usually the one holding up a bottle like you purchased it)
  • You invite people over to the baller house & use his name “we having a cookout at Melo’s house later come thru”
  • You hate when he is spending time with his girl
  • You jump in a baller’s conversation with a chick just to explain who the baller is
  • You always name drop or tell everybody what that person does. “yo this Lebron James he play for the Lakers”
  • You didn’t make it professionally so you are always bringing up when they played ball in College or High School with the Star
  • You ask to borrow their jewelry to wear it to the club.

Can you add to the list?

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