Mother’s Day

You Only Get One Mama! How To Make Mom Feel Special Everyday, Not Just On Mother’s Day

As adults, it’s easy for us to go about our own daily routines and cater to the needs of our own lives and families. Sometimes, in the midst of living our lives, we forget about the one who gave it to us…mommy!

Our mothers know that at least ONE day a year, we will come back home or go all out to make sure she is shown love and appreciation for all that she’s done but once Mother’s Day is over, it’s back to calling once a week and visits every now and then. But one day is not enough!

A mother’s job is not done once her children turn 18, she’s your mom for life. She still worries about you, she still cheers for your accomplishments, she still protects you…some mother’s still house and feeds their children as adults.

It’s time to show love every day, and even if your schedule doesn’t permit more visits or phone calls, making a consistent effort to include your mother in your daily life would mean the world to her. Regardless of how old you are.

It’s 2019, our parents are learning smartphones and texting. Don’t count them out of texting, group chats, emails, etc. Try to communicate in some form regularly. Even if you just send a funny meme or a quote that reminds you of her. At least she knows she’s on your mind and it literally takes 5 secs.

Talk to your mom about HER life. She’s spent most of it raising your ass so now it’s time for her live. Talk about her dreams, let her reminisce about her childhood, maybe talk about her love life (if you can stomach it) or even talk about current events together. Remember when she used to tell you, she’s not “one of your little friends”? Well, now she can be!

Don’t just buy her gifts on Mother’s Day, her birthday, or Christmas. Do little things for her throughout the year like sending flowers to brighten her living room, send her a collection of books from her favorite author, have brunch dates together every week, or even send her on her own vacation every few months. Take care of mom like she took care of you.

When we become parents, we put all of our energy into the new family we created. But don’t ever forget about the family you came from and the women that held that family together, MOM!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mother’s of the World! ❤️“You are appreciated!”

Mother’s Day

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