You Won’t Catch Tanya At The Basketball Wives Reunion Show

You’ll see fights, you’ll see yelling, you’ll see drama but one thing you won’t see is Tanya, estranged wife of currently incarcerated Jayceon Williams. 


No big shocker here, she never really fit in with the other women anyway. But here’s the gotcha-gotcha..According to TMZ, Tanya indeed filmed enough material for an entire season but was phased out after just the first few episodes. Tanya states that her managers were told by VH1 that they did not want to move forward with their “relationship” and she was also not invited to partake in the reunion.


I think from the very beginning of the entire Basketball Wives LA they wanted to try really really hard to bring the drama, almost to the point where it was disgusting. Kimsha and Tanya, then Malaysia, then Draya, now Jackie. I think Tanya would have actually been good to keep on the show but, whatever VH1.

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