Young Buck Claims He Isn't Responsible For Physical Altercation With Afroman's Crew

Young Buck Claims He Isn’t Responsible For The Physical Altercation With Afroman’s Crew [Video]

Young Buck is standing by his innocence following a past altercation with Afroman’s entourage.

In June, the former G-Unit rapper got into a physical brawl with several Afroman affiliates after performing at The Zarati Shop in Abingdon, VA.  According to TMZ, Buck exited the stage and confronted Lil Sodi, an artist from Afroman’s camp.

Sources said Buck punched Sodi in the stomach while in the VIP section, which resulted in a scuffle between him and individuals associated with Afroman.

Shortly after the incident, the “Because I Got High” singer took to Instagram to “tell the truth” before the media got ahold of the story.

He explained that he arrived at his call time but had to wait around with his crew because the stage was occupied, and that’s when Young Buck entered the room. “I am anti N-Word Young Bucc yells out fucc all n-words who don’t do drugs,” Afroman wrote. “He was behaving hostile and aggressive. We were on the right side of the VIP section. He entered the room going to the left side of the VIP section yelling, all kinds of insults. He changed his direction and walked bacc over 70 feet. He walked over to my socials media photographer, and with a bacc hand strikes him in the side of his stomach.

“Then he moved on over to Lil Sodi, calling him n words, and telling him to do drugs as he was calling him, the N-word,” Afroman continued. “Young Bucc bacc handed Lil Sodi in the stomach. Lil Sodi thought he was really drunk, and he tried to checc him verbally with a shove. Young Bucc would not go away, and he kept advancing, so the altercation occurred.”

Afroman also urged Buck to stop assaulting strangers and to maintain control over his alcohol and drug consumption.

“Young Bucc is my blacc brother,” he wrote. “Young Bucc is my brother in Christ, Young needs to stop punching people he don’t know in the stomach. Young Bucc needs to control his alcohol and drugs. If he’s going to be out in society, he needs to be civil. I forgive Young Bucc. I’m praying for Young Bucc God bless you, brother.”

Nevertheless, Buck claimed he was not responsible for the events that transpired that night.

“Sometimes u need a good old fashion bar brawl!!!” he wrote on Instagram. “But I’m #notguilty.”

In a separate post that has since been deleted, Buck also called out Afroman and made accusations against his crew, alleging that they had attempted to attack him collectively.

“Listen @ogafroman I take all fades thug…. with you or ya n-ggas,” he wrote, according to HipHopDX. “Ya’ll n-ggas try to jump me tho. I came to show love!! N-gga this #cashville first and always NH60!!”

He added: “They should of told u I got hands, thug!!. Come see what this sh*t do.”

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