Young Thug Accused Of 2013 Murder On 911 Tape
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Young Thug Identified as Gunman in 2013 Shooting in 911 Tape Played During Trial [Video]

The Young Thug YSL RICO trial has taken another shocking turn, with the rapper being named directly as the gunman in a murder.

During Tuesday’s court proceedings, the prosecution played a shocking September 11, 2013, 911 tape, where the caller identified the rapper by his stage name.

“They came to my house and told me that the guy who shot somebody’s name was Young Thug, whoever that’s supposed to be,” the caller stated, noting that she didn’t actually see Thug pull the trigger but was told by a friend that he was responsible.

This is the latest twist in the case, which has seen many highs and lows since before it began. Gunna famously took an Alford plea in the case, which allowed him to admit that he was a member of the YSL gang and be set free in December 2022. Other YSL members have accepted other plea deals. In contrast, several others, such as Jayden Myrick and Cordarius Dorsey, were given life sentences for various crimes, though Dorsey received his sentence in a case outside of the RICO case.

Thug is accused of a list of crimes, including founding the YSL gang, though he has maintained it is simply a record label. His defense has also argued that even his stage name is not malicious and that it means “Truly Humbled Under God.” Prosecutors do not seem to be buying it and even believe Thug ordered hits of his rivals.

It’s unclear if there is other evidence against Thug related to his alleged involvement in the September 2013 murder.

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