Defendant in YSL RICO Case Requests Mistrial Following Leaked Video

Defendant in YSL RICO Case Requests Mistrial Following Leaked Video

A co-defendant in the YSL RICO case is seeking a mistrial after a video was leaked on social media.

In a motion for a mistrial filed on Tuesday, an attorney representing Jayden Myrick, aka Set Trip, argued her client’s Sixth Amendment right to a fair and impartial jury has been ‘violated’ due to discovery material being shared with the media and “other public forms.”

The motion did not state the material but cited, “disseminated on social media” on February 17, claiming it violated a previously signed order prohibiting all parties from sharing discovery material with any news outlets or social media platforms.

This comes after a three-and-a-half-hour video surfaced last weekend of YSL Woody divulging information about Young Thug and others.

While said evidence may not directly implicate my client, it, along with all of the publicity and courtroom incidents since the start of this trial that has not been the result of any conduct of my client, Jayden Myrick, make it impossible for him to receive a fair trial, as well as a jury that is honestly and truly fair and impartial,” Bernard wrote.


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