Jury in Young Thug's YSL Rico Case To Finally Be Seated This Week
EAST POINT, GEORGIA - APRIL 22: Rapper Young Thug attends Young Stoner Life Meet & Greet at DTLR Camp Creek on April 22, 2021 in East Point, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Young Thug’s Attorney Asks to Exclude Goat Sacrifice Evidence from YSL RICO Trial

Young Thug’s attorney has filed a motion to exclude evidence in his RICO trial, specifically related to YSL co-defendant Shannon “SB” Stillwell’s arrest on murder charges.

According to reports, Stillwell was arrested on March 17, 2022, at his East Point, Georgia home “while in the midst of a religious ceremony which involved the supposed sacrifice of goats.”

WSB-TV reporter Michael Seiden said, “Worshippers wear all-white and sacrifice goats in an effort to bring forth loa, which help to run the universe and can grant blessings.”

Now, Thug’s legal team has insisted that the evidence of the capturing of Stillwell’s arrest be withheld from the evidence, as they believe it’s unrelated to the rapper’s case, Complex reports.

“Although this issue does not directly involve Mr. Williams as he was never involved/arrested on March 17, 2022, nor charged with Mr. Drinks’ supposed murder, law enforcement officers arrested Mr. Shannon Stillwell at 2481 Meadowlark Drive, East Point, Georgia, 30344, while in the midst of a religious ceremony which involved supposed sacrifice of goats,” reads the motion.



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