Your Baller Wants To Keep It Undercover, What Do You Do?

Let’s assume you and your baller are seemingly in an exclusive relationship. He doesn’t have any wives or girlfriends on the side, he seems to be faithful to you, but he wants to keep your relationship undercover.


First thing that may come to mind is why? Well, let’s go over a few reasons an innocent man would keep his relationship on the down low…


1) He has to protect his image: If your baller’s job requires he be a heart throb and appear single at all times, it’s probably best that he keeps your relationship on the low. It can be very damaging if he appears to have a girlfriend too early in his career. Be patient, as long as he’s faithful to you, all is well!


2) He wants his personal life out of the limelight: No attention means no negative attention. It’s quite possible your baller values what you have so much that he doesn’t want it spoiled by the media or jealous groupies. He’s using this as a way to protect something he holds dear and preserve it from harsh outsiders. Best thing to do is respect his wishes, keep it on the hush. It’s for the best.


3) Someone doesn’t approve: Every so often a family member doesn’t approve of the relationship and this can cause your Baller to keep things very quiet regarding you two. He’s using this as another technique to protect your relationship but is also using this lie as a cop out. If you’re faced with this situation you should talk your baller into growing some balls, at the very least letting his family know that he is serious about you and that he is grown and can make his own choices/mistakes. 


4) He’s just not that into you: Here is the part that every woman dreads. If your Baller doesn’t want people to know he’s with you, it’s because he probably doesn’t want to be with you. Maybe he’s a nice guy looking to spare your feelings. If you ever get the feeling that this scenario might pertain to you, it’s best to talk with your Baller and let him know the deal. Let him know that if he goes, you’ll be A-OK…but penis pics may possibly end up on the internet. 🙂

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