People Throw “Corona Parties” Worldwide

“You’re An Imbecile, And Especially A Threat To Yourself.”: People Throw “Corona Parties” Worldwide, Ignoring Government Orders to Stay Home During Virus Pandemic

From Florida to Australia, to Germany to France, young people ignored government orders to stay indoors and threw “corona parties” worldwide.

“Some consider they’re little heroes when they break the rules,” French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said. “Well, no. You’re an imbecile, and especially a threat to yourself.”

According to the Associated Press, security in France was sent to train stations to prevent people from jetting off to their vacation homes and spreading the virus to parts of the country where medical facilities are less equipped.

After days of people refusing to stay home, Paris’ famous walkway along the Seine River was closed, and a nightly curfew was put in place.

In Florida, photos and videos of clumps of spring-breakers partying on the beach went viral, prompting the governor to close all of the state’s beaches and bars.

Australia closed Bondi Beach in Sydney after photos showed crowded beachgoers ignoring the rules.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told young people Saturday, “You’re not Superman, and you’re not Superwoman.”

Half of the state’s coronavirus cases were found in people ages 18 to 49.

“You can wind up hurting someone who you love or hurting someone wholly inadvertently. Social distancing works, and you need social distancing everywhere,” Cuomo said.

People Throw “Corona Parties” Worldwide

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