You’re Not Really Woke, You’re Still A Bit Groggy



Like everything else, social media has exploited enlightenment. It is now something that is trendy rather than real so much so, people are way too woke. The enlightenment has become a fad. Everything including the molecular structure of oxygen has a deeper meaning meanwhile they neglect true knowledge of self and the world.
Being woke has become the obsession and there isn’t any balance. There isn’t enjoyment in life because the trend is to be woke. We can’t laugh at a funny video or enjoy a joke because being woke has dictated how we ingest life. If we shift our concern to the plight of homelessness there is someone to remind us that our focus is needed elsewhere.
These woke individuals love to dictate how you should optimize your social media platforms, what issues you should shed light on or tackle and what it means to understand the black struggle.


Yet in all of their wokeness, they can’t see their hypocrisy. They still get on these platforms that are not created by us with cellular devices not manufactured by us on networks not provided by us but will tell you what to boycott. These same woke individuals neglect to boycott the Asians that sell them their hair and do their nails but demand you boycott everyone and everything else.
If we allow them to convince us, they’re beyond woke. They get why the stars align and how Mars rotational pull is elsewhere, but they don’t know why life is. They can debate you on religion and call for a revolution to send our next generation to die in battle because they are unprepared , but they can’t tell you how to prepare for a revolution or become self sufficient to where our dollars stay within the community.



They don’t want to prepare. There is no knowledge of survival just reaction. So no, they’re not woke, they’re still groggy.



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