You’re The Side-Chick, Should You Expect A Gift This X-Mas?

The holidays are approaching us and although some of us may not want to admit it, it’s going to be a lonely Christmas for a few side pieces. It’s all fun and games until it comes to family time and the reality hits that he’s going to spend all his time with them, with not even a “Merry Christmas” text for you. 


Due to the lack of quality time that you’ll be receiving, is it okay to expect a gift during the holidays? Let’s be honest, regardless of whether you’re the main squeeze or just the other woman, he’s kept you around thus far for a reason, right? He’s proven that he’s harvested some feelings for you, he’s pretty much used you all year long to forget his stresses at home, shouldn’t you be compensated for that? 



Frankly I think it’s rude and out right inappropriate to not get a side-chick something for the holidays. At least if you haven’t been fattening her pockets through the relationship, you should do something for her birthday and Christmas. It’s common courtesy. Everyone knows that it’s imperative that you keep the side-chick happy. Many relationships are ruined because a side-chick was scorned. If all it takes is a $50 pair of ear rings to thank a girl for her services, so be it. Would you rather spend a couple bucks or have the wife questioning why your phone has been ringing off the hook, where you’ve been going at night and “Who the f-ck is Sheila?!?!”. Nope, didn’t think so. Ask Herman Cain and Tiger Woods how simple life would’ve been had they just bought their side chicks a gift on Christmas. The ones they did take care of are the ones we’ve never heard from. Because she’s silent.



Moral of the story is, although she can’t have your time, a real man should spend a little money on her. At least give the side-chick that!

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