You’re Way Too In touch With Your Feminine Side…

This blog is dedicated for the men who are not only in touch with their feminine sides but in touch with their feminine’s feminine side. This is for the Marvin’s Room, call you because he’s feeling lonely and sad that you broke up guy even though you’ve only dated for a month. Do we dare him or do we diss him?


I can only speak for me when I say that just because I want a man that treats me right doesn’t mean that I want an emotional man. If I wanted to date a guy that was constantly in his feelings I would just date a really hairy woman. Let’s take Drake for example. Some women find him attractive, he’s talented for sure, but in the last few months he has proven himself to be softer than a fresh baked cookie. For some reason all that talent disappears and all I can think of is him painting my toe nails, brushing my hair and telling me about all of the latest gossip. Somehow he’s just not as attractive as he was. Why? Well because he songs songs that make me feel emo. Every time I listen to “Marvin’s Room” I want to drink myself into a depression. “Trust Issues” makes me want to sit down and discuss my feelings and all and all I just feel like I just broke up with someone. Does Drake strike me as the kind of man that could protect me in a dark alley? Not at all. 


When I’m looking for a man I want someone that I feel safe with. No, I don’t want him to be completely feelingless but I don’t want him to be partying with his homeboys and feel the need to call me every hour to see what I’m doing. Of course I want a man that will express his love for me but a man that will cry while watching chick flicks with me? Not so much. Oddly there are a lot of guys out there who are “that guy”. They like to shop, they know more about women’s fashion than most women and they can gossip with the best of them. If I’m dating a man, I want a masculine man. I want a man that works on cars, does push ups after breakfast and doesn’t show fear. I don’t want a man who’s always talking about relationships and having his heart broken, it’s a turn off.  Call me old fashioned but some men are just way too in touch with their feminine side for me!

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