YouTube To Soon Allow Content Creators To Use Artists' AI Voices

YouTube To Soon Allow Content Creators To Use Artists’ AI Voices

YouTube is working on an AI tool that could allow creators to upload music mimicking famous artists’ voices.

The platform initially delayed its AI tool for mimicking artists’ voices in September because of ongoing negotiations with recording companies, citing technology novelty and unanswered questions.

According to Billboard, the negotiations between YouTube and recording companies are still ongoing, with critical issues such as monetization, compensation for artists and songwriters, and the AI model’s training process.  Questions also remain about how artists can choose to participate.  When the tool is ready, YouTube plans to conduct a beta test with a select group of creators using the voices of artists who opt-in.

Recording companies are open to YouTube’s AI music idea, recognizing AI’s growing role in the industry and not wanting to miss out on licensing opportunities.

YouTube is treading carefully in its pursuit of AI in music, as legal challenges could arise.

For example, OpenAI is facing a lawsuit from authors like John Grisham and George R.R. Martin for using their novels in training its AI model.

Earlier this year, Universal compelled streaming platforms to remove the viral hit “Heart On My Sleeve.” The song, created by an unknown artist called Ghostwriter, used AI tools to mimic a collaboration between Drake and the Weeknd.

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