Yung Berg and A1 Robbed At Gunpoint On Instagram Live; Lyrica Anderson Says It Was An “Inside Job”  

Yung Berg and “Love and Hip-Hop” star, A1, were reportedly robbed last night during a studio session.

The incident occurred on Instagram Live. In the first clip, someone is heard telling A1 to put the camera down, prompting the producer to comply. In the next clip, A1 is heard questioning his crew about what exactly went down in the incident.

“Did he hit you with the gun,” he asked, as the screen went black. “Bro, y’all ain’t see sh*t, my nigga? Y’all ain’t see two niggas run in here with a gun, my nigga. How the f*ck y’all letting niggas run in, my nigga?”

Although the incident only lasted a few minutes, the armed men took the producers’ money and jewelry before they fled the scene. Luckily though, A1 was left with his phone, which was signed into his wife’s Instagram account, streaming the entire incident on live. As a result, concerned fans took to social media to inform Lyrica Anderson about the incident.

Anderson quickly took to Instagram to express her concern, and thank her fans for the information. In a third clip, Berg is heard explaining the situation to police, saying he didn’t really see anything.

Since then though, Anderson has opened up about the situation, revealing it was all a set up.

“I was homesick and A1 & Young Berg were at the studio making music as usual,” Lyrica told Baller Alert. “Me & A1 just got back on good terms and decided to try & work our marriage out. We have each other Instagram. So he went on my live to showcase record he had just wrote when 2 gunmen ran in studio pointing guns for jewelry & Cash. Luckily no one was hurt.”

“But after police left. A1 demanded to watch the video from cameras back,” Anderson continued. “Come to find out it was a setup. A inside job. One of the intern runners who work for the studio set him up. The intern waited until A1 & berg wanted a food run. That’s when the intern walked out door and purposely propped it unlocked. Literally 1 minute later the 2 gunmen walked right in knowing the door was unlocked and did the dirty work.”

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