Yung Berg Addresses Allegations That He Pistol Whipped His Girlfriend

Yung Berg Addresses Allegations That He Pistol Whipped His Girlfriend, Claims He Was The Victim of a “Planned and Coordinated Home Invasion Robbery and Assault”

On behalf of Yung Berg, aka Christian” Hitmaka” Ward, the law offices of Shepard A. Kopp released a statement Tuesday evening saying, “On Saturday Morning, March 14, 2020, Christian “Hitmaka” Ward was a victim of a planned and coordinated home invasion robbery and assault.”

Yesterday news broke that Yung Berg was involved in an incident that alleges he pistol-whipped a woman sending her to the hospital.

However, in the wake of the news, Berg and his legal team claimed that that version of events was fake news. To further plead his case, the rapper and super-producer even took to IG to post surveillance footage with the caption.


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” Saturday 4:30 am three gunmen made an attempt on my life & home invasion. I have all the surveillance footage which some I’m posting & also other evidence needed. I retained legal counsel & decided that with this matter, which I’m totally traumatized about that I must let the truth out as media outlets without having proper info are attempting to stain my character and reputation that I have to spent my entire life building.”

Berg went on to detail his relationship with the woman, claiming she was never his girlfriend.  The statement from Berg’s attorney also confirmed the woman thought to be his girlfriend was not.

” Talia Tilley came to Mr. Ward’s house around 3:40 am. Although she’s been to Mr. Ward’s house before and was familiar with the layout, she is not now and never been his girlfriend,” The statement read.

According to Berg’s attorney, Tilley allegedly shared her location and exchanged text messages with the alleged robbers prior to the attack.


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Statement From My Attorney. ??

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Berg provided all of the videos and cell phone evidence to law enforcement agencies. An investigation is underway.


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