Zola, The Viral Internet Stripping Story, Is Heading To Sundance

From Twitter to Sundance, Zola’s story is heading to the big screen.

Back in 2015, a Twitter user named Zola told the story of how she met a “white b*tch, who confided in her about her life as a dancer. Zola, whose real name is #AziahKing, described the adventurous weekend she had in Florida after meeting Jess (white b*tch) while serving as a #Hooters waitress. The two bonded over similar interests, and the next day, set off to embark on a stripping road trip that involved life-changing events, including sex, murder, and a near-suicide.

It didn’t take long for the internet to push for the story to be turned into a feature film. Now, the fans are getting just that as the film is set to be directed by Atlanta-collaborator Janicza Bravo, who also co-wrote the script with #JeremyOHarris. Announcing the film on Twitter, O. Harris wrote: “Merry XXX-Mas. Who’s ready to vibe over ho-ho-ho-isms @sundancefest??? Because ZOLA is coming.”

Speaking about Bravo, the writer continued: “The only reason I was hired to co-write Zola was because a black woman and genius believed in me. Her belief ushered, me an unproductive playwright, onto the most fun team ever, and she has changed my life.” According to Dazed, the cast includes #TaylourPaige as “Zola,” #RileyKeough as “Jess” and #NicholasBraun.

Zola will premiere at Sundance in Utah, with the festival running from January 23 to February 2.

ZOla heads to SUndance
 ‘Courtesy of Sundance Institute.’

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