Donald Trump Tells Supporters At Rally “It’s Your Fault” If He Gets Impeached

Donald Trump doesn’t have a problem with blaming people for his failures – even it’s his own supporters. 

On Thursday, Trump spoke to a crowd in Billings, Montana, where he told his thousands of supporters that if he gets impeached “it’s [their] fault.” Trump’s mission during the rally was to promote Senate candidate Matt Rosendale, a Republican who is going up against Democratic Sen. John Tester in November. 

While giving his speech, he made a few jabs at “fake news,” highlighted his relationship with #VladmirPutin and #KimJongUn, and then explained how impeachment might be in his future if Democrats get complete control of Congress. 

“I don’t even like to bring it up, the impeach word,” Trump said. “But I say, how can you impeach somebody who has done a great job? Who hasn’t done anything wrong? Our economy is good. How do you do it?”

“It is so ridiculous,” the president added. “But we will worry about that, it never happens. But if it does happen, it’s your fault because you did not go out and vote. You didn’t go out to vote — that’s the only way it could happen. I’ll be the only president in history they’ll say: ‘What a job he’s done! By the way, we’re impeaching him.’ ”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

His last words were: “This election you aren’t just voting for a candidate. You’re voting for which party controls Congress.”

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