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Ryan Twyman, Unarmed Father of 3, Shot 37 Times By L.A. Sheriff Deputies

On Thursday, June 6th, LA County deputies opened fire on 24-year-old Ryan Twyman. According to Black Lives Matter Los Angeles. Twyman was shot 37 times and killed just three days after his birthday.

No major news outlets seem to be covering the story, and the deafening silence is only fueling the outrage within his community. 

According to SBRBN, who spoke exclusively to Ryan’s sister the day after his death, Ryan was sitting in his parked car with a friend when LA County Deputies arrived on the scene. 

Upon the officer’s arrival, an unnamed female relative of Twyman’s moved to leave the area in fear that the police would harass them, but when Twyman tried to leave in his car, he was blocked in by the officers. 

Several witnesses claim that Ryan’s friend then opened the passenger door of the car, and the cops proceeded to drag the friend out and beat him. 

Amid the commotion, an officer claimed to have seen a gun which caused another deputy to open fire, shooting at Ryan. 

According to eyewitnesses, after emptying the entire clip, the officer went to his car and grabbed his rifle, only to begin shooting at Ryan again. 

There is no information or statements from the LAPD on this matter, so far. However, multiple witnesses have said that Ryan was unarmed and there has yet to be evidence of a gun on the scene.

The County Sheriff has yet to issue any statements on the matter.

Ryan Twyman Shot by Police

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  1. This is demonic. Plenty of Gang members in U.S. police, especially the Latino police in California.

  2. Margaret Woods

    Haters. He was a handsome young man with his whole life ahead of him.

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