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Scam Likely: Man Arrested For Identity Theft, Forgery and More After Finessing Women He Met Through Dating Apps

On Thursday, 37-year-old Wilson Edward Jackson, of Woodland Hills was arrested on suspicion of slew of charges over allegations that he’d been scamming women, leaving most of them heart-broken and broke. 

According to KTLA, Los Angeles officials arrested Jackson, as he appeared in court for  an unrelated charge, for identity theft, forgery, grand theft and more after police said he finessed multiple women out of money after meeting them on dating apps under the name “Sincere” or “Da Truth. In fact, in a written statement, police said the alleged crimes took place over the last several years in L.A., and other cities and states, including Florida. 

 “After meeting with his victims, Jackson would ask them for a loan, claiming he was having issues with his bank, or that his car was impounded with his wallet inside,” police explained in a written statement, adding that Jackson would repay the women with checks written on closed accounts. In other instances, when women went to Jackson’s home, he reportedly “stole their credit card information and checks from their checkbooks while they slept or used the restroom.” 

“Jackson would use their stolen information to buy clothes for himself, pay personal bills, or make travel arrangements for other victims of his scams,” police added. 

Now, upon Jackson’s arrest, officials are asking any other victims to come forward with additional information.



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  1. I was one of his victims in Florida. Where can I provide police with my statement? I still can’t rent a car because of him

  2. Dedicated _2_Greatness
    Amongst others…. This is crazy. I thankfully wasn’t a victim but he was so hard pressed to “date” me and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Weird! He almost got get my girlfriend. Tried to pull the old “give me your account number so I can send you some money”…. all his pages are fake, fixed, fake celebrity interactions, now this dude is “writing” a book; allegedly. He only follows women and most of his followers are women too. Thanks for shedding light on this clown.

  3. I sympathize with the women who were scammed, and I offer no judgmental comments accept to say that common sense must prevail at all times whether it is personal or business. Many of the folks on the Internet are on it, because it gives them a global web of information an access to a lot of needy desperate folks who are looking for love.

  4. I’m in shock! Glad to see that he has been arrested and I hope he gets charged. I met him in person and had a brief encounter with him. He was very attentive but in a short amount of time I saw red flags. Luckily he only got me for some cash and some attempts on my credit cards. Who knew going to the restroom allowed for the perfect opportunity for him to access my wallet. Lesson learned. I encourage all victims to file a report and anyone else to trust your gut when dating. It’s unfortunate that this is becoming more and more common in the dating world.

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