10 Celebs Who Never Won A Grammy But Deserved It

How many times have you watched an awards show and were left disappointed by seeing your favorite entertainer snubbed at the end? Unfortunately, it happens all too often for reasons that aren’t always clear. No matter how popular the artist, successful the song or award nominations, it does not guarantee a win. Over the years, there have been plenty of songs by artists on heavy radio rotation that were never solidified with a Grammy win. In the court of popular opinion, the following artists should have all received a Grammy by now. In no particular order, the award should have been given to:

Nas- Nominated for thirteen Grammys

Busts Rhymes- eleven Grammy nominations 

Snoop Dogg- seventeen Grammy nominations 

Tupac- seven Grammy nominations 

Brian McKnight- seventeen Grammy nominations 

Diana Ross- twelve Grammy nominations, however, she was awarded the lifetime achievement award in 2012.

Notorious B.I.G- four nominations, three received posthumous, zero wins.  

Nicki Minaj- Nominated for ten Grammys

Justin Bieber- three Grammy nominations 

Run DMC- one nomination, zero wins, however, recipient of the 2016 lifetime achievement award.

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