Ahmaud Arbery’s Legal Team Investigates Mystery Note, Murderers’ Attorneys Issue Statement: “Don’t Rush To Judgment”

The legal team for Ahmaud Arbery is looking into an anonymous note that was left at the scene of the shooting, and the shooters’ attorneys have issued a statement on their clients’ behalf.

According to TMZ, the note that was left at the location of the shooting was apparently for Arbery. Attorney Lee Merritt told TMZ they believe they have proof that the note was left by someone who is connected to TravisMcMichael and Gregory McMichael, or William Bryan. “Ahmaud, I am so sorry. I should have stopped them. I am so sorry,” the note was left at Arbery’s memorial read. The tip about the note was anonymous, but Merritt says it came from someone in Brunswick, Georgia. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released a statement about the note on Thursday.

“The GBI has identified the individual that wrote this note. The individual is not connected to the Ahmaud Arbery murder investigation in any way. The person was expressing their condolences for Arbery’s death. We’ve received numerous tips and inquiries related to this and wanted to e sure to update the public. This investigation remains active and ongoing,” the statements said. While the bureau said the note was merely a farewell letter, Arbery’s legal team feels their tip about the note could add to the case.

Meanwhile, the lawyers for Travis, Bob Rubin and Jason Sheffield, issued their first public statement on behalf of their client. “Right now, we are starting at the end. We know the ending. What we don’t know is the beginning. We implore all of you … don’t rush to judgment.” During their public statement outside of their Atlanta law office, the two men wouldn’t disclose who is paying them. #LauraHogue and #FrankHouge are the husband and wife lawyers of Gregory and sent a statement that is similar to Travis’ legal team. “So often the public accepts a narrative-driven by an incomplete set of facts, one that vilifies a good person, based on a rush to judgment, which has happened in this case,” Laura said in a statement Thursday.

In response, the legal team for the Arbery family wrote: “We agree with the attorneys for Travis McMichael that the justice system affords all citizens the presumption of innocence and that there shouldn’t be a rush to judgment or stereotyping,” attorneys for Arbery’s parents said in an emailed statement. “We only wish that their client, Travis McMichael, had provided that same presumption of innocence to Ahmaud Arbery before chasing and killing him.”

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