”Bad Boys 4” Is Reportedly Already In The Works

Although ‘Bad Boys For Life’ is just being released this weekend, the studio already has plans for the next installment in the series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a fourth addition to the franchise is in the works, and Chris Bremner, who worked on ‘Bad Boys For Life,’ is set to write the script.

Stars of series since its original release in 1995, Will Smith and Martin Lawerence, are set to return to the next film to reprise their roles.

With a 17-year gap in between ‘Bad Boys II’ (2003) and ‘Bad Boys For Life’ (2020) the studio doesn’t plan on it being nearly that long for another film

Throughout the years, there had been many talks of another sequel for the popular franchise; however, many factors played a role that kept it from happening, including writers and directors coming and going, as well as finding the right story, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

‘Bad Boys For Life’ opens in theaters today and has so far received positive reviews from critics.

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