Baller Alert’s Top 10 Favorite YouTubers and YouTube Channels

YouTube has become one of the leading platforms for entertainment, education, news, and more, all while, providing a free platform for content creators to profit off their own work. 

In fact, several content creators have catapulted their YouTube channels into full-blown careers with brand deals, sponsorships, and even an international following. With video options that cater to your liking, between beauty tutorials, vlogs, couples challenges, mukbangs, ASMR and more, YouTube has helped create an online community for young creatives to express themselves and create entertaining content for the masses. 

But, for those of you that are not hip, here is a list of our favorite YouTubers and channels. 

  1. Royal Family – The Royal Family consists of up & coming R&B superstar, Queen Naija and her boyfriend, ClarenceNYC. After Queen and Clarence both post on their own respective channels, the couple comes together on their family channel with exciting challenges, baecation vlogs, relationship discussions, and more. 
    • But, for honorable mention, we can’t forget about Patty. Shoutout to Mod Da God!
  2.  The DDG Family – DDG’s channel consists of nonstop pranks, extraordinary editing, and an overwhelming flex. The Pontiac made Youtuber-turned-rapper first used the platform for skits and pranks, but eventually transitioned to Vlogs, in which he chronicles his baller life in L.A.
  3. DK4L – De’arra and Ken are one of the few couples channels that haven’t gotten heat for fake pranks and drama. But, the two have sustained a massive following, thanks to their creative pranks, quality vlogs, and baecation trips on their vlog channel. Not to mention De’arra’s style, shorty has looks for days!
  4. BlovesLife – If you’re into seafood boils and Mukbangs, you already know Ms. Blove. But, if not, you’re in for a treat…but do not watch if you’re hungry. With her own special butter sauce, Blove eats, talks, and even does challenges with her family.
  5. Ellarie – Ellarie is a beauty guru who creates content for the fellow brown girls. However, aside from her makeup videos, she also provides a sneak peek into her life with vlogs and videos with her mini-me, Yoshi Doll. She also keeps it real, which is a breath of fresh air on the Internet.
  6. MsAaliyahJay – The ItGirl herself is probably one of the first beauty gurus you ever watched on YouTube, and now, she’s bigger and better than ever. With her extravagant makeup looks, crazy story times and high-priced baecations, how can you not love her?
  7. Anaya Ivy – If you’re looking for authentic, this is the channel for you. Although many love Anaya for her flawless makeup looks and hair tutorials, most love the New York-bred YouTuber for her straight forward personality expressed in her girl talk videos and talk thrus.
  8. Heather & Trell’s Family – While most may know Heather Sanders from Instagram, the influencer took her talents to YouTube alongside her boyfriend, Trell, who has jokes for days. Together, the two film challenges, family videos, and vlogs putting their relationship on display.
  9. SAS ASMR – ASMR has been on the rise in mainstream media, but SAS ASMR has been creating such soothing videos for a minute. Between loud crunching sounds, soft eating sounds, SAS ASMR produced all the soothing sounds for your listening pleasure.
  10. Baller Alert, Inc – Because, why not. If you’re not subscribed to Baller Alert on YouTube, what are you waiting for?

What are some other YouTube channels that should be added to our list?

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