Ballerific Relationships: “We Exchanged Numbers, So Do I Wait For Him To Make The First Move?”

Let’s say you meet a guy while out and about somewhere (location does not matter) and you exchange numbers. You should be the one to take his number and send him a text with your name and instructions to save your number. Therefore, he now has your number, will not forget your name and does not have to ask is this your real number. Now, this only applies to a guy you are really into.

But now, we play the waiting game. Do not text him any time after that first text message with your name. Why? Simply because a guy likes a challenge and it also gives you a heads up if you should even waste your time with this guy. If he is interested in you, he will not let you slip away by not attempting to contact you. But you wonder, “What if he doesn’t call?” That’s good because he probably has too much on his plate anyway and was overwhelmed by your beauty and thought with his penis by getting your number before he thought with the head on his shoulders. If you text him first, it makes you vulnerable and too available and you should never be either of the two. This is why you should keep a roster of men on your team so you don’t have time to think about calling or texting one too much. *Side Note* This is dating. No one said you should have a roster of men to sleep with but if you do, be safe.

In this day and age, many of us rather text than call, which is perfectly fine. But, keep in mind we often look too much into a text and add our own interpretations. If he asks, “How was your day?” just respond accordingly.  Now, do not limit the conversations to texting. A phone conversation is needed here and there. You want to make sure he can actually hold a conversation and vice versa.

Now if days have passed by and he still hasn’t called, this could possibly be early signs that he is not worth your time, ladies. You can slide him a text just to see how he is doing. There is nothing wrong with making the first move. Men often need that push, but don’t be too pushy. Also, don’t make excuses for him if he  hasn’t texted you or responded to your messages by saying, “he must be busy and forgot because he does this and he does that.” Not true, no man is too busy to go after a woman he really wants. He will make time even if it is only five minutes.

Let’s say he does call you to make plans for a date. Have a brief conversation and save your life story for dinner. Saturday is the perfect day to go on a date because you don’t have to worry about your baller getting off work too late or having to call it an early night because he has to go to work the next day. It is okay to call or text him the day before to confirm your date. “We are still on for tomorrow at 7 pm, right?”

Okay, so now you went on the date and now it’s time to part ways again. Leave the ball in his court, tell him to give you a call or text once he has made it home safely. Show him that you care, well that’s if you had a great evening and are looking forward to another date.

Times have definitely changed and I am a firm believer in going after what you want. Just don’t make yourself look desperate. Don’t get discouraged either. If he doesn’t call or text, then move right along. DO NOT wait by the phone… JUST DO YOU! Keep busy and always have plans that way when he does call, he will know that you weren’t waiting for him to call.


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