Dating App Wants To Pay Someone $4K To Watch Dating Shows

Dating App Wants To Pay Someone $4K To Watch Dating Shows

A dating app wants to pay someone $4,000 a month to watch reality dating shows and provide feedback on what the contestants did wrong.

POM, a UK-based dating app that matches hopeful singles based on their music tastes, is hiring for a role they call a “Dating Show Dissector.” The position is a three-month gig that pays $134 per episode and requires about seven hours of watch time weekly. The company estimates that they’d be dishing out nearly $4,000 monthly with TV subscription costs.

Reality dating shows included in the work schedule include “Love Island,” “The Cabins,” and “Too Hot to Handle.” The new hire will watch each show and analyze when and how the connections fell apart.

POM’s says an ideal candidate is someone who loves dating shows but can observe and provide insight into human behavior. Applicants must be at least 18 with strong written English skills and an already established internet connection.

“What’s important is that our new hire brings the right level of passion and vibe to the team,” says the founder of POM, Vihan Patel.

The deadline for the application was January 28th. It is unknown if POM will hire more than one person for the highly sought-after job.

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