Do Platonic Friendships Between The Opposite Sex Work?

Can platonic friendships happen between members of the opposite sex? It’s a given that men always want to have sex and women will likely become emotional and fall in love. I have lots of male friends and I won’t even begin to pretend as if I wouldn’t sleep with them if the opportunity presented itself. Fact is, we’re human.


Saying that you could be platonic friends with someone of the opposite sex is easy when you’re not attracted to them, so lets take them out of the equation. This blog is not directed towards the men and women that you don’t find sexually attractive or you consider your “brother” or “sister”. Let’s not consider them at this time. Let’s talk about those who you do find sexually attractive. Those that under most circumstances you would find yourself bedding at every given opportunity. Those that you’ve probably had a great sexual relationship with, but would much rather just be friends. 


I personally think that it is almost impossible to have a platonic friendship with someone you are sexually attracted to without somehow driving yourself crazy. You have to constantly remind yourself that you can’t have sex with them, and the reasons why. Things will eventually become awkward when you two are together. Sexual tension almost always occurs. How many guys do you hear say “Hey, Lakiesha is fine as hell” and his boy says “Would you hit her?” and he replies “Nah, she’s my BFF”…….


Exactly, you never hear it because it doesn’t happen! Two sexually attracted individuals can’t be “BFF’s”. In fact, if he wants to be your BFF, he’s interested in your love below, plain and simple. A woman who befriends a very attractive guy is only setting herself for eventually having feelings for him. It’s inevitable and trying to avoid it is futile. Trust me, I know! LOL. If you find yourself friends with someone of the opposite sex and they hadn’t tried to make a move on you, chances are they’re just not attracted to you. Two people attracted to each other (not emotionally, but even just sexually) can’t be friends. No way!


If you’ve made it work, maybe you’re in the small percentage or maybe you’re going to have sex with your BFF sooner than you think. 

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