“Empire” Star Bryshere Gray Sued By Chicago Landlords for $26k in Damages

Empire star Bryshere Gray, 26, is being sued by his Chicago Landlords, Vinod Venugopal, and Payal Shah, who claim the actor and his dog caused $26,120 in damages, TMZ reports.

Gray, AKA Yazz The Greatest, rented the condo in August 2019, and according to his landlords, the actor and his pooch wrecked the place.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ, claim Gray left his dog inside the condo for extended periods, among a slew of other things. They also claim the dog urinated and defecated all over the place when left unattended in common areas of the complex, which caused significant damage to the hardwood floors, stairs, and other parts of the property.

The landlords allege Gray jumped in and out of windows, clogged the toilets by flushing down condoms, smoked weed even though the lease prohibited it, and engaged in unsanitary activity, including eating breakfast in one of the bathrooms. As evidence to their claims, the landlords attached pictures to their complaint.

According to TMZ, the landlords tried to settle the dispute by reaching out to Gray’s team but did not receive a response; this resulted in taking the dispute to court. They are seeking $26,120 for repairs as well as $7,000 in attorney fees.

Gray’s manager Charlie Mac told TMZ that the actor was diagnosed with ADHD some years ago, and “unfortunately, this is a result of that.” He describes Gray as a great person and says the situation will be taken care of.

Mac added, “There is money inside of his security deposit that should rectify whatever issues the landlord has. [It’s] sad that the landlord has chosen this way to handle this, but we will do what is needed to make sure it is taken care of.”

Bryshere Gray Wrecks Home Bryshere Gray Wrecks Home Bryshere Gray Wrecks Home Bryshere Gray Wrecks Home

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