Former Personal Assistant Arrested In Connection To Murder Of NYC Tech CEO Fahim Saleh; Sources Say He Embezzled ‘Significant Amount Of Money’ From Victim

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According to Daily News, authorities linked former personal assistant, Tyrese Devon Hapsil, to the brutal murder of NYC tech CEO Fahim Saleh.

Hapsil became a person of interest when sources confirmed that he stole a “significant amount of money” from the CEO.

Text messages between the two revealed that the CEO offered the assistant a payment plan to return the stolen money after discovering what Hapsil had done.

Although it remains unclear if the former assistant was the actual killer, incriminating evidence connects Hapsil to the murder.

According to sources, the 21-year-old used his credit card to purchase the power tool used to butcher Saleh’s body.

The serial number from the taser found at the scene also linked the ex-employee to the homicide.

A friend of the victim said Saleh’s neighbor claimed they heard screaming and “loud noises,” called the CEO’s sister to check on him on Monday, ABC 7 reported.

Upon arrival, she discovered Saleh’s body dismembered and decapitated in his $2.4 million Manhattan condo. The 33-year-old’s limbs and head were found stuffed inside bags in his living room, she added.

Evidence from the autopsy revealed that Saleh, the founder and chief executive of the motorcycle ride-sharing service in Nigeria, Godaka, was tasered then fatally stabbed in the neck and chest before being chopped into pieces.

Due to the crime scene’s layout, cops speculate that the killer intended to cover its tracks but was interrupted by Saleh’s sister when she unexpectedly arrived.

When notified that the victim’s sister was on the elevator to Saleh’s floor to check on her brother, whom she hadn’t heard from all day, the assassin fled the scene by staircase.

In a statement to the Daily News on Thursday, Saleh’s family called for justice of their loved one.

” There are no words or actions to provide any of us comfort except the capture of the person who exhibited nothing short of evil upon our loved one.”

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