Illinois Becomes The First State To Pass A “Purge Law” That Allows Criminals To Be Released Without Bail [Video]

Illinois Becomes The First State To Pass A “Purge Law” That Allows Criminals To Be Released Without Bail [Video]

Illinois is making history by being the first state to test out “The Purge” in real life.

On January 1, 2023, the “SAFE-T” act in Illinois will be active. The “SAFE-T” Act stands for Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity-Today and will allow its residents to commit crimes freely.

Governor Pritzker says the law “marks a substantial step toward dismantling the systemic racism. That plagues our communities, our state, our nation and brings us closer to true safety, true fairness, true justice.”

The Counter Signal reported that the law would end cash bail for 12 non-detainable offenses. This includes second-degree murder, aggravated battery, arson, drug-induced homicide, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, intimidation, aggravated DUI, aggravated fleeing and eluding, drug offenses, and threatening a public official.

Illinois Purge

The SAFE-T Act states that defendants of these crimes are presumed eligible for pretrial release. This is only possible if prosecutors don’t present “clear and convincing evidence” showing the suspect poses a threat to a specific person.

The law will require prosecutors to request detention for the defendant. This also means the State of Illinois will hold a trial within 48 hours to determine if the suspect should be released. Investigators believe that’s not enough time to compile evidence from surveillance and body cameras, crime labs, and forensic analysis.

The new law also gives criminals three phone calls within three hours of arriving at any detention center. There will not be any restrictions on phone calls, so criminals will be able to intimidate or tamper with witnesses.

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  1. Why?

    • Because those crimes listed above are considered low level offenses that low income individuals end up sitting in jail for (pre-trial). Ppl are sitting in pre trail detention facilities for YEARS awaiting trial!

  2. the world is already a mess and now this WOW!!!!

    • It’s amazing how stupid most people are. I almost think this reform in bail was set up to prove it. Understand the only thing that changes is the alleged offenders don’t need cash to meet bail and be on the streets. If it was a large drug cartel they already have the cash to meet the bail and be on the streets. All this does is not make it a question of wealth to be detained until proven guilty in a court of law.

  3. Governor is Jewish and a billionaire. Why would these people “vote” him into office? You reap what you sow, state sucks anyways

  4. The Purge movie was about allowing all crimes to be legal for one night. What Illinois is doing is nothing like the Purge.
    If these 400 criminals were released and allowed to be immune from criminal prosecution for any crime then yeah, it would then be The Purge in real life.
    Not being detained doesn’t mean they are free. They just don’t think these people are a flight risk. And if they are then they will be detained.

  5. This is a bad law. Business owners are all going to leave illnois and all stores are gonna close down

  6. This is one of the most retarded laws in American history. I mean, how stupid can you really be? Seriously. Whoever came up with this law needs to be removed from every and any position of authority. There leadership is beyond terrible…

  7. How Sway? Why TF would someone even consider this ISH? This is the most Stupidest idea in political history. Someone needs to get FIRED ASAP!!! Other countries must be looking at us like we’re a BIG FU**ING JOKE right now… Where is #charlamagne at? #donkies

  8. I think most are looking at the ground floor of this law. Clearly the previous laws were not working in this state and allegedly this to try. And create equity. At least someone is taking a chance to improve equity; however, if this found to be untrue will they repeal the law? Like most cases time will tell… But I quoted an old Japanese proverb here: time flows like a river and history repeats. Maybe, just maybe we will learn from centuries of mistakes, but unfortunately I feel like this idea will fail with a case study in the shirt term and may not be repealed. God bless to all people and pray that God leads our hand and voting not man.

  9. This isn’t law this is the start of anarchy! This is what happens when an idiot has power. Higher crime rates and no way they will ever show for court. What fools put this moron in office?

  10. I didn’t think we could ever end systemic racism in America, but then again I never thought about letting violent criminals to walk the streets. Thank God Illinois has such wise and great leadership. I think we’ve found our next president

  11. This is thee most retarted law I have EVER heard in my life. I’m not into politics but when it comes to people of higher power Making stupid choices, I’m not for it one bit. i love Illinois but damn could we get someone in office who would actually help us out and not make things worse. we got kids dying from gun violence in Chicago.

  12. This law is being mischaracterized. Look it up for yourself. Do a search and look on snopes

    • I did and if you read the entire law it is worse than you think. You need to go read the laws. They can’t even issue an arrest warrant for an FTA until the 2nd FTA. You need to LEARN TO READ.

  13. If i was reading right. If a murder was committed and within 2 days there is no hard evidence that means the suspect is set free…

  14. So they going to put innocent kids that can’t protect themselves in danger! This is dumb

  15. If anything they gone purge on the rich

  16. Stop spreading right wing lies. Rich men get out of jail everyday. This law helps to correct that unfairness.

  17. I got an idea!
    Let’s publish a list of all the laws criminals can break and NOT go to jail! Make it easy for them to plan their week!

  18. This is so bad of a law. This is embolden the criminals. They will commit crime & know that they will walk free 24 – 48 hrs later. To intimidate, commit more crime or simply run from justice. This is not helping civilians; it’s helping the criminals.

  19. It’s simple this is all the charges that where given to those who where in the Black Lives Matter mobs and antifa mobs. This is so the government can continue to pay stupid people to push their agenda and get away with it. They have to create chaos to maintain control over the simple minded sheep. They lead and control with fear period. This helps them get the people they pay to do the dirty work off charges period. We know if they hate you they throw the book at you and make up crap to keep you locked up. This is simply to help those they dream worthy period.

  20. The 1313 Clearinghouse that writes the templates for all national laws is in Chicago. This means that this horror show is coming to a Theatre of Deth near you. In order to incarcerate really heinous people like those refusing to pollute themselves with high tech genetic rewrites hiding under the label of common cold or monkey herpes shots, you have to get rid of the current overflow of alleged offenders. Stalin, Shicklegruber, and Mao are weeping in Hell over the speed, and precision of this regime. It’s the culmination of everything they ever worked towards.

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