Katherine Jackson’s Abusive Nephew Still Living in Her Home; Claims Her Family Is Manipulating Her

Katherine Jackson’s abusive nephew-in-law, Trent Lamar Jackson, sat down with Nancy Grace to discuss the restraining order placed on him last week.


According to court documents, Trent, who lived in Katherine’s guest home and worked as her driver in the past,  had been emotionally abusing her for years. She also claims that Trent would steal from her, using her credit cards for his personal use. Things have gotten so bad that she’s often afraid to return home. In fact, she’s currently in London visiting Janet and the new baby, and doesn’t want to come back.


As a guest on Nancy Grace’s podcast on Monday, Trent says he has never taken advantage of Katherine financially and he’s yet to speak to her since she left for London last month.


“We haven’t heard from her since she left,” Trent tells Nancy Grace. “And it seems to me that someone is over there putting all these things together, going after me so they can control my aunt, I guess. I don’t know.”


Court papers show that Trent has been ordered to vacate Katherine’s home, but according to the 52 year old, he was never served with a restraining order.


“That TRO (temporary restraining order)  that they claim I’ve been served with, I’ve never been served with anything,” he says. “I’m still at the house right now, and we’re all puzzled at why we can’t contact her and talk to her — that’s the problem.”


Trent says that Katherine left him in charge of paying the bills and taking care of the household while he’s away. He says that there are other family members who stealing from her.


“She has attorneys that make sure her money is being advocated in the right way, and we also have an accountant that also looks at the bank statement, and it’s gonna be strange when you look at those bank statements, you’re gonna really see who’s manipulating her with her money, and it’s not me … I just can’t understand why they’re making these accusations,” he says.


“All I do is pay Mrs. Jackson’s bills,” Trent continued. “I’ve been paying her bills for 15 years now, and that was my job — to be her driver, her provider, far as taking care of her, making sure she’s taking her medicine, making sure she’s going to the doctor. These are the things Michael told me to do for her, and I’ve been doing these things for her — very well, by the way — and people who know me, know that this is the second time this has happened. They did this to me before.”

Trent says that Katherine probably has no clue what’s going on and is completely in the dark.

“One thing they don’t understand is that she needs special care. My aunt has polio and she limps and needs strong medication …. She can’t defend herself when she’s around them. She didn’t want to go [to London],” he told Nancy.

Check out the entire interview Here.

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