Kevin McCall Indicted For Escalator Fight With Courthouse Cop; Cop Suggests McCall Broke His Eyeglasses

Lately, Rapper Kevin McCall has been making headlines for everything but his music.

A Georgia grand jury has now indicted McCall on three counts due to his involvement in an escalator fight with a sergeant last month.

The legal documents show that McCall is being charged for obstruction of a law enforcement officer by the use of threats or violence, terroristic threats and criminal damage to property in the second degree, which is a felony.

The indictment claims McCall wrestled with the officer, tried to strike him, resisted arrest, and even made threats of aggravated assault. The felony for criminal damage to property comes after McCall allegedly intentionally damaged the sergeant’s sunglasses in the scuffle.

McCall, who was in court fighting for child custody with his child’s mother, Eva Marcille, released the footage of the brawl in an attempt to showcase himself as a victim in the situation.

The footage shows a cop chasing McCall to detain him and eventually tackling him with another officer jumping in to help assist the situation. However, the altercation escalated after a cop told McCall repeatedly to turn his phone off. As he repeatedly ignored the cop, he then began to call him a b*tch over and over, demanding he take off his badge to fight.

But now, according to TMZ, McCall is planning on suing the cops in the incident alleging that he was targeted due to the color of his skin. McCall also alleges that he was injured during the tussle.

If McCall is convicted of the above charges, he is likely to face serious jail time.

Kevin McCall Indicted
Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images)

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