Pastor Todd Dunn Doubted COVID-19 Restrictions; Loses Both Parents To Virus

Texas pastor Todd Dunn was known for questioning the coronavirus restrictions and having church services throughout the pandemic. But things may have changed now that he has lost both parents to COVID-19 complications.

The Fort Worth’s 2nd Mile Church pastor repeatedly questioned the coronavirus and called the restrictions a plot created by “the Left” in many of his social media posts. The pastor also accused the Left’s plot of being a countermeasure against Christians.

The pastor encouraged his congregation to live by “faith over fear” when the coronavirus case numbers were lower and the threat wasn’t real.

“I do feel like the numbers were different in the spring and summer. And my opinion on it was based on the numbers that I saw back then,” Dunn said in an interview with the Dallas News. “I went seven months and didn’t know one person individually who had it. Now all of a sudden…For some reason, there’s been a surge.”

As for his parents, Dunn doesn’t feel like he could have done anything differently to help them, Complex reports. According to him, his parents followed the guidelines and limited their time in public places, including wearing masks to church.

Dunn also said he doesn’t discourage mask-wearing among his churchgoers and also provides his sermons online.

“I’m human. Night times are the hardest. I’m a pastor, but I’m human. And I’m a son,” Dunn said, adding that he’s reeling from his parent’s death. “I just know by my faith and the word of God that I’ll see my parents again. And that’s what’s getting me through this.”

Todd Dunn Loses Parents To COVID

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