Ryan Henry Admits to Sleeping With His Best Friend’s Baby Mama, ” I Hurt People That I Care About Badly”

Ryan Henry jumped on his Instagram live to address the shocking allegations against him from his best friend of more than 12 years, Anthony Lindsey, about a torrid affair he had with the mother of Anthony’s child, Nina.

Henry came prepared with a written outline and addressed the rumors in an attempt to take full accountability.

Ryan claims everything had come out about the affair to all the parties involved, at least a week and a half before Anthony began speaking about it on his social media.

“We had all talked, and it was a bigger situation that was going on throughout that whole week and a half,” the Black Ink Crew: Chicago star said.

Henry was concerned that his delay in coming forward to address it would give the appearance of arrogance on his part, but he assured his followers that- that wasn’t the case.

He hinted at the “toxic choices” he made “while in dark places” and issues having a lot to do with his mental health, saying that “hurt people hurt people.” Henry continued, ” I hurt people that I care about badly.”

Ryan was clear that he is not a victim in this and that he wanted to make sure to apologize publicly to Anthony, Nina, and Henry’s ex, Rachel.

“What I do know is this moment doesn’t define me. I won’t allow for it to define me as a whole.”

Henry said everyone is dealing with the consequences of his actions, and he is dealing with his “unresolved trauma.” He also revealed that his ultimate plan of action is to try and repair the relationships that can be repaired.

Ryan did go on to say that there is so much more to the situation, but he said he wouldn’t feed into the blogs and “give tea.”

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