Spirit Passenger Groped On Flight Told To 'Stay Quiet' By Flight Crew

Spirit Passenger Groped On Flight Told To ‘Stay Quiet’ By Flight Crew

An 18-year-old woman claimed she was groped by a stranger on an early morning Spirit Airlines flight to California. When she alerted flight attendants to the abuse, they told her to “sit down and stay quiet.”

The woman was on the flight with her family when the man sitting behind her kept reaching through the seat to touch her arm and breasts. The woman shared a video on TikTok under the handle @mobilesushibar that showed the man putting his hand through the gap in the seat.

In the video, you can clearly see the man reaching through the seat to touch the teen. But according to her, when she confronted him and showed the video to everyone seated around her and to the flight attendants, they told her to “sit down and stay quiet.”

She explained in a series of follow-up videos that her family was seated elsewhere on the plan, and the harassment began immediately. She tried to stop the man from reaching through by putting a sweater into the gap, but he removed it and continued to touch her inappropriately. 

She said what made her most upset was that she was made to endure the abuse for so long and that no one seemed to care.

“The fact that I had to sit there to prove this just speaks a lot, speaks volumes,” she said.

The woman said the incident is under investigation and hopes that Spirit Airlines will identify the culprit so she can press charges. The outlet reached out to Sprint for comment but hasn’t heard back from the airline. 


The man was like 50-60s and I was so uncomfy @spiritairlines #fyp #foryou #harassmentawareness 😐

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