Third Person Arrested In Mac Miller Overdose Investigation, Texts Show Miller’s Conversation With Drug Dealers

Police have arrested a third person in connection to the untimely death of rapper Mac Miller, who overdosed on pills last year.

TMZ reports that a man named Stephen “Stevie” Walter was arrested Monday in Los Angeles. According to documents Walter was contacted by Cameron James Pettit the night of September 4, 2018. Miller asked for “10 blue pills,” reportedly Percocet pills. Miller died on Sept. 7. 

Police say the text conversation included Miller asking for “percs.” Pettit replied, “I got some dilaudid 2s, but that’s about it. I could get yellows and blues though.” The conversation ended with Pettit saying that he allegedly had the drugs Miller wanted. Afterwards, cops say that’s when Pettit contacted Walter to pick up the 10 “blues.” Walter sent a runner to Pettit with the pills. Pettit delivered the pills to Mac at about 2:30 a.m. on September 5; the rapper was found dead two days later.

The runner was allegedly Ryan Reavis, who was arrested earlier this week in Lake Havasu in connection to Miller’s death. During their investigation, police found a magazine in his bedroom, covered with blue-colored powder and indentations near a rolled piece of paper and a gift card. According to police, the scene shows that Miller crushed or snorted one or more pills; six of the 10 pills were recovered.

Documents state that following the rapper’s death, Pettit texted a friend about his overdose saying, “I’m pretty sad and also a little worried.” He then sent a link to a TMZ story about Demi Lovato’s alleged dealer getting arrested and said, “This is what I’m afraid of … I feel really guilty … If I have to go to jail, I hope to spend some time with you first.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office arrested Walter on a conspiracy charge to distribute a controlled substance in connection to Miller’s death. Walter is also currently on supervised release following a decade-old federal drug trafficking sentence. Pettit was charged with distribution of a controlled substance earlier this month in connection to Mac’s death.

Mac Miller third man arrested
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