Donald Trump Sues Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Directly Over Wisconsin Election Results

Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden directly over the election results in Wisconsin. 

As news comes that the third recount of votes in Georgia still shows Joe Biden as the state’s pick for president, Trump has sued the President-elect directly over the election results in Wisconsin. Trump, Mike Pence, and the Trump administration are suing Biden and Kamala Harris in Wisconsin, seeking to remove count absentee ballots that helped them win two major counties. 

In the lawsuit, Trump requests the court to have the Board of Canvassers’ legal determination taken out; the decision deems in-person absentee ballots valid. He claims that accepting in-person absentee ballots violates Wisconsin law, which requires written applications for those specific ballots. Trump’s team claims that the absentee ballots cast for Biden and Harris in those counties did not follow proper protocol. 

There are no details on why Trump is trying to make this move now other than him being completely desperate.

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