Don’t sleep on comedians making loot. They can become millionaires – think about it…Steve Harvey not only has his stand up tour but he does a syndicated radio show, and has appeared in several movies. Meet Lil Duval..he is an up and coming comedian that will leave you in stitches.

Baller Alert knows he has what it takes to make it to the top and make that $$$$ – So ladies GET EM! lol

Check out his bio:

Revered as the “Underground King of Southern Comedy”, Roland Powell, also known as Lil Duval, continues to lay the platform for upcoming Southern comedy today. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Powell was involved in extracurricular activities in high school. From playing the trumpet in the school band to being a part of the step team, Powell’s popularity and thirst for the limelight dominated his life. Although his artistic gene was cultivated through various school activities, it wasn’t until after graduation that he became interested in comedy.

Duval graduated high school and left his hometown of Jacksonville and relocated to Atlanta, GA in search of more opportunities and a change of scenery. “I moved to Atlanta to better myself and start something new,” says Powell. And soon began the definition of his newfound creativity, the discovery of his talent for being a comedian. By 2000, Powell started working in the comedic circles, performing stand-up at a legendary Atlanta staple, Uptown Comedy Corner, which led him to become a regular performer. Powell adopted the stage name ‘Lil Duval’ to pay homage to his hometown, a place where his popularity was first fueled. “Duval is the county in Florida that I am from and I wanted to represent for my city” states Powell. Powell measured his immediate success by realizing that “it only took me four or five shows to realize that I was really funny. Quickly, my crowd grew, standing ovations were frequent and the uproarious response to my humor was instant, says Powell.”

A chance meeting and new friendship in 2001 with then burgeoning Hip Hop mega star, T.I. would soon lay the groundwork for Grand Hustle Comedy. “Tip would attend my comedy show at Uptown. We started a friendship and a pact to look out for each other, whoever made it big first.” Continuing his friendship and working on honing his craft, this pact soon became a reality.

After performing at the Oakland Bay Area Competition in 2001, Powell was approached by Cedric the Entertainer’s road manager and was invited to perform on the Budweiser tour featuring Cedric and four additional comedians. The tour included shows from Madison Square Garden to the L.A.’s Amphitheater and was a huge success across the country. Impressed by his stage performance and the crowd’s reaction, by 2003 Powell was invited by Cedric to display his talent on the platinum selling comedy DVD, “Cedric the Entertainer presents: The Starting Line Up” and as a writer on Cedric’s sketch comedy show “The Cedric the Entertainer Show”. Quickly, Powell’s popularity began to soar as the forefront of creating a new comedic genre that embodied the energy and ingenuity of the Hip Hop generation.

The year 2004 ushered in new opportunities and even more success. Powell became a regular featured performer on three seasons of BET’s Comic View, including Miami, Atlanta and New Orleans. Taking the world by storm and wanting to provide an outlet for his thousands of fans to view his true genius, he released the underground comedy classic DVD “Dat Boy Funny” in which he served as Writer and Executive Producer. “Dat Boy Funny” starred Powell along with several upcoming comedians featuring colorful sketch pieces and parodies mocking events in pop culture. Appearances on popular VH-1 and ESPN shows, commercials and features in several music videos are just some of what can be found on his resume. A hallmark and well deserved accomplishment included becoming a finalist on BET’s “Coming to the Stage”, a show celebrating and rewarding young African American talent in comedy.

Fast forwarding to today, Powell, the comedian best known as Lil Duval, continues to be the most requested on the web. His internet/viral following surpass his comedian peers. Today he is an accomplished writer for Ozone Magazine, a magazine accredited for highlighting the Southern hip hop movement and hosts their annual awards show. More importantly, Lil Duval stands at the center of Grand Hustle Comedy, a division of the celebrated Grand Hustle Entertainment Company which boasts a roster including multi-platinum rap star TI and other music and film projects.

Lil Duval is currently headlining the Grand Hustle Comedy Tour, traveling across the nation discovering new and fresh faces of urban comedy. Citing Chris Tucker as his inspiration and igniting his “can do” attitude, his young comedic icon in- the- making desires to create a reign and begin a movement that showcases the next generation of comedy all stars. His next moves include more producing, acting, and “taking comedy to the next level in general,” states Lil Duval. Roland’s natural ability to captivate audiences with his natural gift for being humorous is what continues to separate him from his peers. Not allowing himself to be boxed or labeled into one particular group, is why Lil Duval commands the respect of fellow comedians, mega stars, athletes and fans.

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