Wendy Williams Talks Filming from Home and Single Life

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The infamous talk show host, Wendy Williams, joined Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier via video chat to discuss how she’s coping with her new quarantine conditions and her predictions on life post-COVID-19.

The talk host agreed to film her hit show from her home in New York after expressing a bit of hesitation to the production team’s idea. Seeing that she gives fans more than enough access to her personal matters, it was understandable why she was reluctant to let people into her safe haven. A private place she considers “the warm place that I’ve always been able to count on to be my own secret.”

The show is filmed daily and remains the same, minus Wendy’s hairstylist, makeup artist, and wardrobe team. Williams does all that herself.

Except for the cameras, being home is nothing new to her, in fact, she’s comfortable there. “I’m a recluse by nature, so being in the house is not a big thing for me,” Williams shared. “I’m surrounded by all my good stuff. And there’s good food, got my cats… I spend a lot of time thinking about what new life is going to be like.”

The star believes life will be much different after the virus subdues, predicting there will be no hugs or handshakes, and people will go outside with masks and gloves. “Even if I don’t think I need it, I’ll always have that stuff.” She added, revealing even her set will be different. “The studio will not have as many chairs. My co-hosts will no longer be packed in like sardines like we always [were], having a good time.”

Williams also discussed her split from ex-husband Kevin Hunter and how she manages as a single woman.” I am getting used to life as a single woman again,” the 55-year-old TV personality said. “I was involved with him for over 25 years or so, and now I am a woman of a particular age in a particular stage in life, so being single now is a lot different.”

One thing she has to look forward to when life resumes is dating again and understands this time around what she is risking in terms of her career. With a newfound maturity level, she vows to be “more choosy” when considering her options. “I have options that I did not have back then, and I have clarity like I have never had before,” Williams explained. “I definitely want a new mister.”

In case one of you eligible bachelors are considering pursuing Williams, keep in mind there will be no kissing on the first date and a few other rules she will live by. She is not shy about the type of man she wants either, “I want him to be smart enough to still tell me, ‘No, Wendy, now you sit down. I got this.’ But do you understand how qualified he’s gotta be for the job?” Williams joked. “Men are scared of me. You know, I have a big presence. I talk, I’m tall, you know, I carry myself in a particular way. And I’ve done that all my life since first grade. I used to scare the boys away.”

The main thing Williams is ready for is a life partner or a ring. And possibly most importantly, a prenup agreement. She has little interest for an extravagant marriage; if there is one, it can be as simple as getting married in a hotel room.

As for now, Williams’ at-home episodes have been a hit to her viewers. She has agreed to continue her remote filming amid COVID-19. Make sure to tune in!

Wendy Williams Talks Kevin Hunter
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