YouTube Employee Calls Police On Black Man For “Trespassing” As Son Pleads For Him To Stop

When the only voice of reason is a 6-year-old child, things have definitely gotten out of hand. This time on #LivingWhileBlack, a white man, identified as Christopher Cukor, called the cops on software engineer, Wesley Michel, for “trespassing” outside of a San Francisco apartment building on July 4 while waiting on a friend. 

“Call your friend on the call box,” Cukor told Michel, to which he refused. Cukor then threatened to call the police, as his son pleaded him, saying, “Daddy, don’t, don’t.”

Michel and Cukor continued back and forth banter as the child again pleaded, “Daddy, let’s go. I don’t like this. Please daddy, let’s go.” Moments later, Michel’s friend arrived as Cukor continued his call with the 911 dispatcher.

As footage surfaced of the incident, Cukor was identified as a YouTube executive, according to his LinkedIn profile. Despite Cukor’s profiling, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Cukor’s father Peter was killed by a mentally ill intruder outside of his home in 2012. Cukor’s family went on to sue the Berkeley Police Department for failing to arrive promptly to save his father.

Chris Cukor for Youtube

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